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Rampant Ink

" Considered one of the U.K's Premier Tattoo Studios"

Contact us: info@rampantink.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of Rampant Ink!!

We pride ourselves on bringing you, our beautiful, witty and discerning clientele, the very best in tattooing. We're more than happy to discuss any idea with you so long as you massage our very delicate egos as you do so, you know the kind of thing; "we saw your work on the site and thought it was perfect", and "you're just the kind of artist I've been looking for!" and "wow aren't you all so good looking!" etc etc..

Of course the very best way to induce a cooing response from us is to ask us for your tattoo in the styles we love to do. Check out our galleries to find out what they are and be amazed at the magical delights you'll gaze upon!

Specifically, Gray loves nothing better than for you, our wonderfully astute, potential clients to end sentences with, "but of course I would like it in your style",, as long as you like his style that is! (you can even start a sentence with that and see Gray actually smile!). Also add, "no need to prepare anything in advance, I've seen your work and am happy for you to freehand the piece straight on!"

This is not exclusive however. If you look through our galleries, we're not a 'specialist' or elitist studio and are happy and very able to tattoo in most styles.

So please, enter the site, be amazed at what we do and feel free to tell us how fantastic we are! Because we are! :-)

This is how to contact us

Rampant Ink Tattoo Studio
6 Meadow Road

Tel: 0115 8417449 (From outside the U.K. +44115 8417449)

Email: info@rampantink.com

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We're open 5 days a week, we're closed on Sunday and Monday. The studio is open from 11am to 5pm (we tattoo until 6pm but the studio door is locked at 5pm).

  • Health Authority registered
  • We have over 28 years of tattooing experience the 3 full time artists working here!
  • Friendly, professional service
  • Large, modern, air conditioned studios
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • We have thousands of tattoo designs, but feel free to bring your own for consideration.
  • We specialise in Custom work (consultations are free)
  • Only 30 minutes drive from East Midlands Airport
  • 2 minutes from Carlton railway station
  • Plenty of local cheap parking. (Motorbikes please don't park outside the studio or anywhere near the zebra crossing, you'll get a ticket!)
  • Gift vouchers available! Contact us for more info.

Please Note: Any unsupervised children may be cooked and eaten by the tattooists!